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Yung Cohn, who died in October 2009, was the owner of Veggy Gifts.  She was a culinary carving artist who loved to transform ordinary fruits and vegetables into amazingly beautiful flowers, bouquets, decorative centerpieces, and floral arrangements for special events.

In addition to being a culinary carving artist, Ms. Yung also created exqusite hand-carved soap keepsakes.  Her soap carving art work may be seen at

Ms. Yung's passion for the carving art and her desire to be recognized as one of the best artists in the culinary carving world motivated her to working hard on improving her skills.  

Ms. Yung studied under three highly regarded carving masters in the US:  Chef James Parker, founder of Veggy Art;  Chef Jimmy Zhang, founder of Art Chef Inc.;  and Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret, founder of JM Creative Designs.

Ms. Yung's love and devotion to this great art were evident by her own artistic creations and her commitment in training her students.  Ms. Yung taught fruit and vegetable carving to many professional chefs, culinary school students, amateur adults, and young budding artists in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

She also taught carving classes for Chef James Parker, founder of Veggy Art, and the 2008 Food Network™  Challenge Fantasy Fruit Sculptures Champion.  She also worked with Chef Parker on several of buffet centerpiece projects for his clients.

Ms. Yung volunteered her culinary carving skills to a number of non-profit organizations as her contributions to their funds raising efforts.

 Being the volunteer culinary art teacher for the DC Central Kitchen, where she taught students in its Culinary Arts Job Training program the art of food garnishing, was one of her favorites and most rewarding experiences.